In our Education Ministry, we witness to the loving compassion of Jesus, the teacher. True to our Marian identity, we empower and nurture learning communities towards ethical and corporate responsibility for inner and social transformation.
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  • 1      Faculty Meeting
                     (Basic Ed) - 5:00 PM
  • 2      Recruitment -
                     Paranas, Motiong,
                     and Jiabong
  • 3      MIM Meeting
                     - 5:30 PM
                     Conference Room
  • 4      Recruitment - SSU,
                     Zumarrraga, Daram,
  • 4-5  Fourth Unit Test
                    (4th Yr H S Students)
  • 5     First Friday Mass /
                     Holy Hour
  • 6     MIM Samar-Leyte
                    Cluster Meeting - AVR
  • 8 - 10 Retreat 4th Yr HS
                     [1st Batch] (Basic Ed.)
  • 10-12 Retreat 4th Yr HS
                     [2nd Batch] (Basic Ed)
  • 10   Third Reading
                     of Honors
                     Council Meeting
                     - 1:00 PM
                Venue: Conference Room
  • 11    Recruitment - Calbiga,
                     San Sebastian,
                     Hinabangan, Bagacay
  • 11 - 12 Midterm Exam
                     Fourth Unit Test
                     (Basic Ed.)
  • 13   Conference on Media
                     Education - AVR
                     (8:00-11:00 AM)
             Resource Speaker:
                Mr. Bernard Canaberal
             Participants: Samar Media
                People and selected Faculty
                and Student Leaders
  • 11-14 JPIA - BSA Activity -
                    2010 RCJPIA-EVC
                    Annual Convention-
  • 13-14 Cooking Demonstration
                    Chef Mark Angelo Uy, R.N.
                     HRM Program Coordinator
                     Chiong Kai Shek College,
             Venue:  SMCC Auditorium
             Participants: HRM Students
  • 14   Parish Mass Sponsor -
                    9:00 AM
  • 15   RVM Achievement Test
                    Maintenance Personnel
                    Meeting (4:00 pm)
                    Portfolio Display - AB/Educ,
                    Moderator: Mrs. Pilar Bolok
                    Venue:  Lobby
  • 16  Club Moderators' Meeting
                    with Student Activity
                    Coor. (Basic Ed. -
                    4:00 pm)
  • 17   Ash Wednesday
  • 19   HRM Showcase -
                    "Pagdasig HRM 2010 &
  • 20   Recollection - Wright
                    National High School,
                    S. Janet, Ms. Bachao,
                    Ms. Añora, Ms. Yu,
                    Mr. Calagos
  • 20-21 Medical Mission
                    Catbalogan-USA Doctors
                    to be assisted by
                    SMCC Academic Community
             Venue:  SMCC Auditorium
                            & Quadrangle
  • 21  Feed  the Hungry USA -
                   500 families- Ladies of
                   Charity to be assisted by
                   SMCC Academic Community
                   Venue:  SMCC Lobby
  • 23  Advisers' Meeting
                    (Basic Ed. - 4:00 pm)
  • 25  Academic Meeting
                    (Subject Teachers)
                    w/ Acad. Coor. (Basic Ed.
                    - 4:00pm)
  • 26   Club Meeting with Club
                     Moderator (Basic Ed.
                     - 4:00 pm)
  • 27   Tree Planting c/o NSTP

Corner Mabini Avenue - Del Rosario Sts., Catbalogan, Samar. Tel No: (055) 251 - 2470
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    A community of learners and achievers, a community that nurtures faith, builds excellence and develop service. SMCC High School Department is a PAASCU accredited since 2003.

    For parents who want better future for their children. SMCC is an RVM co-educational institution that prepares students to be well-rounded and engaged citizens through balanced curriculum, modern facilities, competent faculty and dedicated personnel.

    At St. Mary's we develop and equip our students wholistically within an enriched learning and caring environment. We are determined to continue the Ignacian Marian Service that we have been providing you for more than sixty three (63) years now.

    With the best interests of our students in mind, we look forward to another year of learning challenges and collaborative endeavor with you.

    We are pleased to announce that we have linkages with Center for Learning and Teaching Styles (CLTS) New York and British Council.
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February 2010
Corner Mabini  - Del Rosario Sts., Catbalogan City, Samar, Philippines. Tel No: (055) 251 - 2470
JRRF Dance Showcase... Live!
HRM Cooking Demo with Chef Uy