In our Education Ministry, we witness to the loving compassion of Jesus, the teacher. True to our Marian identity, we empower and nurture learning communities towards ethical and corporate responsibility for inner and social transformation.
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Objectives of the Pre-School Department

The Kindergarten Department shall have the following objectives.

  • Present models for imitation that will make him/her see God as a Father and all people and things around him/her as gifts.

  • Employ learning experiences that will allow him/her to think and do things independently within the limits of his/her maturity.

  • Provide opportunities that will inspire him/her to practice desirable social behavior in his/her relation with other children as well as adults.

  • Use experiential approaches which will help him/her manifest psychomotor coordination for effective performance befitting his/her age.

  • Provide learning opportunities that will allow him/her to manifest reading readiness in English and Filipino.

  • Give opportunities for learning that will enable him/her to add and subtract two digit numbers.

Corner Mabini  - Del Rosario Sts., Catbalogan City, Samar, Philippines. Tel No: (055) 251 - 2470
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