In our Education Ministry, we witness to the loving compassion of Jesus, the teacher. True to our Marian identity, we empower and nurture learning communities towards ethical and corporate responsibility for inner and social transformation.
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Corner Mabini Avenue - Del Rosario Sts., Catbalogan, Samar. Tel No: (055) 251 - 2470
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The SMCC Hymn

       The school we  love , St. Mary's is her name
                She stands a statue great and strong.
        She molds our hands and guides us through the world
                By keeping us all sound and strong
        She molds our souls by teaching us her faith
                She molds our minds and bodies too
        She's all what a mother is
                She is our beloved SMC
        Let's hold her high and lift her to the heights
                Let's fight for her and love her all the time
        Now open your hearts  to her, dear SMC
                St. Mary's College
        She's a true Alma Mater dear
                St. Mary's College
        She's a school and a home all in one
                St. Mary's College
        Let her blue and her white banner fly
                Let her live in all our hearts and lips
        Let St. Mary's College ever live.

Alma Mater Song

Alma Mater .......... Alma Mater
        We Praise thee today
We give thee our loyalty
        We give thee, we give thee, our loyalty
        ....................... our loyalty

Alma Mater a tribute of praise
        To thy glory and fame we raise
To thy glory and fame we raise
        To thy glory, to thy glory, to thy glory
        and fame we raise

In all our Lands, our voices raise
        to hymn thy name and sing thy praise
thy wonders the people will know
        thy worth to the nations we'll show

Dear alma mater our hearts we lay
        Dear alma mater we're lolyal for aye
thy motherly love with us we'll bring
        In life to thy standards we'll cling

Corner Mabini  - Del Rosario Sts., Catbalogan City, Samar, Philippines. Tel No: (055) 251 - 2470
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