In our Education Ministry, we witness to the loving compassion of Jesus, the teacher. True to our Marian identity, we empower and nurture learning communities towards ethical and corporate responsibility for inner and social transformation.
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Objective of the Guidance Office are:
  1. To assist the students in identifying their abilities, interests and attitudes that they may utilize it to its optimim level.
  2. To assist systematically the students in developing and attaining an effective and satisfying personal, social and emotional adjustment that help them recognize their self worth.
  3. The student can identify his/her specific learning dificulties and can learn to overcome and acquire new behavior that will facilitate his/her learning.

This Learning Resources Center is the center that provides comprehensive resources in all that will best establish communication with every individual and effectively help the clientele grow at the same time in that new life which has been given him in baptism. The purpose of the Learning Resources Center is to furnish the academic community with recorded knowledge in such a way that the above expected outcomes are accomplished.

the Learning Resources center as a service agency helps transmits into action the institutional philosophy and objectives. it shoul assume a relationship between the clientele and the body of the knowledge itself, in which the library becomes the center of both inward and outward flow of information that produces effective interaction between the clientele and the sources of human and spiritual knowledge. to assure such continious process, the Learning resources Center must become a dynamic interactive force which directs its effort toward the creation of situations in which communication and growth in that New Life can occur. This goal is expressed in four basic library functions: to inform, to educate, to prvide cultural experiences and growth, and to provide meaningful creation for the individual and the whole act in community.

The Health Center is one of the student service facilities that aids the advises both the students and school personnel on matters of safety and health program. The health safety program aims to promote good physical and mental health, as well as the proper safety attitudes and practices among the students and school personnel. Furthermore, it provides health services by giving and facilitating medical and dental treatment and health education for students and personnel.

The Health Centers' Concept and principles in the provision of basic health care is in terms of first-aid, emergency services, health examination which incorporates both disease prevention and health improvement/promotion.

The Health Center helps establish in the students health habits and principles of healthful living through out their school life that will aid in providing them with abundant vigor and vitality. The foundations for the greatest possible happiness and services in personal, family and comminty life start from the proper helthful habits.


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Corner Mabini  - Del Rosario Sts., Catbalogan City, Samar, Philippines. Tel No: (055) 251 - 2470

The Laboratory is a center both for faculty and students to faciltate Learning by inquiry or discovery approach.

This laboratory exists for the following specific objectives.
  1. To provide laboratory facilities that would create proper atmosphere conducive for specific investigation.
  2. To provide relevant and necessary equipment and supplies needed in learning through inquiry approach.
  3. To assist the faculty/students in the preparation, distribution of use of laboratory equipment and supplies in their class and other related projects.
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